Cincinnati Bus Transportation and Accidents

Bus Accidents

Like in many places in United States, the public transportation system in Cincinnati is far from perfect.  The bus schedules are not quite as flexible, and at times they could even be crowded, yet, before dismissing the public transportation all together, it’s good to stop and appreciate what they do.  The public transportation provides reliable transportation services to those who do not have a car, or wish to save money on gas, it helps provide a healthier environment, and it is safer than driving a personal car. 

For many busy parents, taking their kids to school and bringing them back from the school can be a real hassle.  The school transportation services offer a solution to those busy families, offering eligible students a way to get to the schools.  The school buses are generally quite safe, and in Cincinnati, the school transportation system makes sure that the school buses, exceed the standards set by the federal and state government. However, in the case of an accident, be sure to contact a bus accident lawyer. The transportation of the students is done by ambulance for those kids with special needs, yellow school buses for those within the areas that the yellow buses do service, and the rest are serviced by Metro.

Metro is the name of the public transportation bus system in Cincinnati.  A nonprofit public transportation bus system,  Metro is funded by the public taxes, which completely covers the city, making it safe and easy for people to get from one place to another.  Moreover, Metro has made it easy for the enrolled students as well as the employees of the University of Cincinnati to commute to school or work.  Each student can get a semester fare card, and the employees have the option of the employee fare cards.

These cards are available at a discounted price to those who have a University ID card. Other than Metro, the residents of Cincinnati, have access to Amtrak, Go Bus, Greyhound, and Megabus.  Most these public bus lines allow the residents to travel to near and far cities and states around them.

Of course, Cincinnati public transportation system is far from perfect.  Devastating bus accidents have happened and continue to happen, sometimes causing damages to properties and sometimes claiming the lives of the loved ones.  Still, riding the bus is a much safer option than driving, and in fact many a time there are fewer bus accidents reported annually than the number of reported car accidents per one month.

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