Cincinnati Bus Accidents

Many people rely on bus transportation when traveling in Cincinnati, but many are beginning to wonder if this is always the safest option.  Cincinnati has been the site of many accidents involving school buses and metro transportation buses over the years, including one of the worst drunk driving accidents in history.

The horrifying crash in May of 1988 did not occur in Cincinnati, but the school bus was carrying a load of children home from a fun filled day at King’s Island.  The bus was traveling on I-71 when it was hit by a drunk driver, which caused the bus to burst into flames.  This accident resulted in the deaths of 27 children, and left many others scarred and traumatized.  The horror of this crash was related to an unprotected fuel tank that resulted in the bus catching fire, leaving the children with no way out of the inferno.

While this tragedy was horrible, there have been several more recent accidents involving bus transportation in Cincinnati, including 2 that occurred within the same month.  These accidents have lead many to wonder if bus transportation is a safe alternative these days.  The question is, are the accidents due to bus drivers, faulty vehicles, or other drivers?

Statistics received from the Ohio State Highway Patrol for bus accidents from 2009 to 2011 showed that the split is quite close between who is at fault in these terrifying crashes.  The reports showed that other drivers are considered the cause in 44.9% of all reported bus transportation accidents, and bus drivers were responsible in 44.4% of the bus accidents.  

For those that occur due to other drivers, most of them are due to impatience from drivers who do not have the time to wait for the passengers to get off the buses and get to safety.  One of these drivers did not result in any injuries, but after driving on the sidewalk to get around a bus she was required to wear a sign that read “Only an idiot would drive around a school bus.”  While this may seem funny to those who do not depend on bus transportation, it shows that there are real dangers that need to be considered.

Cincinnati residents depend on bus transportation for students and themselves, but the safety of doing so is being questioned much more often with the rise in bus accidents showing a need for alarm.

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