Cincinnati Bus Transportation and Accidents

Buses have become a common transportation method for many people. They can get us from place to place and often cost a lot less than getting our own cars and paying for the high price of gas. It is also nice to let the bus driver deal with all of the traffic problems while you sit there and relax or do some work. There are many different types of buses available in the Cincinnati area and all of them can get into accidents with other vehicles and cause injuries with their passengers. Here is a list of the types of bus transportations that are available and the common reasons that they get into accidents.

  • School Buses-these are some of the most commonly used buses. Many people send their children to school every day on the bus system; it is an easy way to get your children to school, especially if you have children in different grades that attend different schools. Surprisingly many of the accidents that happen with school buses are from pedestrians getting hit by the bus rather than the passengers getting hurt.
  • Municipal Buses-these might also be known as public transportation. They have to follow a tight schedule and need to get people from one place to another quickly. Most of the injuries in these types of buses occur because there aren’t any seatbelts or airbags available on these buses to protect passengers.
  • Motor Coach companies-these are companies such as Greyhound and Trailways. They pose an added risk because they don’t just take passengers around a town or the surrounding areas, they also take them across the country.  The account for very few accidents but the ones that happen can be catastrophic.
  • Tour Buses-tour buses are usually used by a large group that all want to go to the same place, such as a sports team or a church group. These can pose special problems for the bus driver if any accident happens since they are owned by private companies and not by the city.
  • Large-Van-these might not be considered traditional buses, but there are still a large number of people killed because of large vans. These vehicles are mostly involved in one-vehicle crashes. This is because the heavily-loaded van can change directions quickly and the driver can easily lose control when out on the road. Many times these vehicles will also roll over before crashing.

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