Cincinnati Metro Information

Cincinnati Metro is a great way to get around our city. It’s cheap and covers most of the routes you might want for school and shopping. Taking you where you wherever you need to go. Just how safe are buses?

Buses make frequent stops and it takes them longer to stop, unlike a care. Buses do not have seat belts, so if you’re aboard there’s very little protection if an accident were to occur. A few months ago a metro bus hit a car that ran a red light. The majority of people on the bus were hospitalized.

It’s not unusual for passengers to be injured . While accidents do occur, they are quite rare as Metro bus drivers are very responsible. You will need to find a bus accident attorney to help you. The odds of finding a Metro Bus driver texting and driving or talking on his cell phone is about as common as getting hit by lightning. The same cannot be said for the drivers of the cars that share the streets.  One of the biggest menaces to buses is the drivers around them.

If a pedestrian or bicyclist and a bus meet you know who is going to win. Several pedestrians and bicyclists met metro buses last year and ended up in the hospital. At least one was fatally injured. This goes back to the size of buses. They do not stop quickly and the visibility around them is not any better than around a panel van or truck. The law of gross tonnage applies – the biggest thing on the road has the right of way.

 If you think a bus accident may net you some money from the city you will probably be disappointed.  The reason is contained in chapter 27 of the Revised Ohio Code. This section of the code provides municipal entities like Cincinnati with sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity means that someone accidentally injured by a municipal entity conducting its official business is not entitled to damages. That does not mean that the city will not pay to put things right. The city is conscientious in its dealings. If you are aiming at a windfall payday you will have to go through the courts. It is better here than in Columbus. Columbus has a policy of never settling lawsuits.

 Public transportation is a great amenity that comes with living in a great city like Cincinnati. Watch out when you are on the road. Give the bus plenty of room.

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